Surviving Mozart

Hap Maryland, divorced and dysfunctional, breaks into his own house at night to leave small gifts for his children. Taylor is a great kid; but Beth is a musical prodigy, maybe the next great cellist of this century, maybe the Mozart of her age. Too bad Hap is a drunk and Ginnie, his ex, is a so-so artist whose real talent is driving Hap crazy.

A night visit gone wrong ends Beth's playing career. After a triumphant rebirth as a composer, a second disaster ends her life and leaves Hap the choice of vengeance, suicide, or redemption. The problem is whether and where he can find the strength to achieve any of those: with the melancholy, ambivalent love of pregnant widow Lee Morgan; with the offhand, uncomplicated affections of ex-hooker Holly Boone; or in simple undying hatred of Ginnie. When Lee's baby arrives amid the chaos of a back-country fox hunt, Hap will have his hands more than full fighting off crazed foxhounds, delivering the baby, getting himself beaten up by Holly's ex, and bringing home to Ginnie her responsibility for Beth's disasters.

Surviving Mozart is a tour de force of alcohol, genius, tragedy, sacrifice, and love. Take a seat and hang on.

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