Thanks To Mister Merrydown

Wary and deeply scarred Hap Maryland has all he can do just to be a guy with a job and an arm's-length girl friend, Professor Lee Morgan. Hap's job, the pursuit of cash for Lee's impoverished little college, offers him a path to Lee's heart. Save Gabbro State, he reasons, win the girl. Surely the long-awaited summer visitation with his son Taylor won't interfere with that, and might even help; what woman of a nurturing sort can resist an appealing 12-year-old? Surely, too, the beneficent attentions of the wealthy, conservative Merrydown family will be a big help to the college. But when Hap uncovers a tangle of lies, deception, and murder that reaches even the president of Gabbro State, and when the Merrydown benevolences prove to come at a very heavy price, Hap has to balance Lee's affections against the college's survival, and Taylor's love for Hap against Hap's for Lee.

Not helping at all are Steve Merrydown, who calls at midnight to tell Hap about his soul's cosmic march; Hap's ex-wife Ginnie and her gangster boyfriend, who'd love to take custody of Taylor permanently; Taylor's heartbreak over a puppy-love girl friend; and off-duty cop Wetmore Parsonage and barmaid Trudi Ransom, whose overt agendas are alarming enough, let alone the hidden ones.

Really, maybe family and a hotshot administrative career are not for Hap. Maybe the most he can manage is an apartment big enough for himself and once in a while Taylor, the company of Taylor's mutt, and occasional fornication with Trudi. He could probably handle that if Ginnie, Steve Merrydown and his patrician momma, a restless faculty, merciless creditors, love, and the local militia would give him time to think.

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