On Honeyman Bald

It's been a horrible year for Hap Maryland and his family. Let's get the hell away from the sticky heat of Gabbro, NC, and go for a good hike in the Smokies. Fresh, cool air and the ancient beauty and silence of virgin forests will clear our minds of beloved wife Lee's deathly illness, and Bethany's distinctly odd choice of studies at Chapel Hill. And look here – almost the first person we meet at the top of majestic Honeyman Bald is the Christian eco-poet Derwood Barnes Cather, the Saint of the Hills whose service to humanity, and poetic vision of vast reaches of wilderness and time have already captured Bethany's heart. Cather's adopted son DB Cather is odd, surely; whether he is a figure of fun or of menace is not easy to tell on first acquaintance. When that question is resolved for the worse, Lee's sacrificial rescue and a stunning revelation about her extramarital doings will leave Hap prostrate, almost unable to save Bethany from the devastation of kidnap and rape. Good thing Suellen Ransom, the tough and resourceful child of Thanks To Mister Merrydown's grifting hustler Trudi Ransom is there to push him into action.

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