The Cello Francesca or Balderdash

As a young engineer and cellist, Oren Dienst fell in love with enchanting Anna Rosen, and with the enchanting cello "Francesca." He was present at her creation, and was her first player. But Francesca had to be sacrificed for Anna's sake, and Anna has disappeared. Oren is left to get on with a life as an engineer that brought him to a bureaucrat's job in Washington. Now, alone and facing middle age, Oren sees that his life without music has been a wasteland. To save himself, he must track down and recover the cello Francesca. But only another wrenching sacrifice will give Oren what he has waited decades to find.

The Cello Francesca or Balderdash is a novel of love, music, ideals, and humor that will melt your heart while it makes you sing and reach for your fiddle.

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